Manual workaround for MT Blacklist 2.01b

At the risk of being too nerdy I will end my documentation of installing weblog software by a personal success and in english: MT Blacklist is now running on this machine, so comments and trackback are open again. Find my personal solution in the extended entry. The next entry should not be that boring…

For people like me who have no idea about getting MT Blacklist (MTB) running the first time I found a “manual workaround”:
1. Install MTB as described in MT-Blacklist.txt
2. Open mt-blacklist.cgi by using the direct link: http://www.YOUR-DOMAIN.tld/DIRECTORY_OF_MT…t-blacklist.cgi
3. Log in with your MT username and password
At this point, my server stopped the running script after a while. So nothing obvious happened. In fact I was logged in but I could not use MT Blacklist. If this is familiar to you try my solution:
4. Stop the script by clicking “BLACKLIST LOG” in the MTB menu.
If nothing is happening my “workaround” will not work for you. Stop here and wait for the next release ;-)
If you receive the blacklist log – congratulations.
6. Get the latest blacklist.txt here:
7. Put in on your server – maybe here:
8. Use the IMPORT/EXPORT function by using the URL above (7).
9. All entries will be imported. If not:
10. Separate the blacklist.txt into two or three single files and import them one after another.
11. Configure your MTB as described in MT-Blacklist.txt
Maybe this is a solution for others too.
Have a nice weekend.

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