German cell phone market through a keyhole

This week Motorola announced that sales of cell phones have increased up to 24% worldwide. This development can also be found in statistics of a few mobile applications in my responsibility. They show Motorola’s success which partly mirrors the decreasing market share of Nokia. Unfortunately I must not communicate the exact figures here, but let me point out some interesting facts about a small part of Germany’s cell phone market:
1. All big brands (Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG) sell more phones than last year (not really surprising).
2. The peer group named in 1 covers about 95% of German market (peer group might be the wrong expression for this situation: about 60% belong to Nokia and Siemens).
3. Nokia is still leading the peer group while LG is number 6.
4. Nokia has lost a really big piece of market cake during the last 12 month.
5. Referring to own sales and market share LG show up with the biggest relative growth – followed by Motorola.
6. Regarding absolute sales Germans like Samsung phones most.
Of course these figures may not be representative for the whole German cell phone market because they are only a view through a tiny keyhole. At least they show another example on how market leader Nokia is losing relevance in a changing consumer markets.
For analyzing German business market I have made my personal study: I remember situations when 100% of all colleagues and clients put a Nokia phone on the meeting table – no exceptions. Today we friendly ask all participants to switch off their Blackberries, Sony Ericssons, Samsungs and Motorolas during meetings. But this leads to another story…